As seen in Victoria Magazine May/June 2015 issue. Special French Issue.
Last November I was contacted by a lovely girl from Hoffman Media.  They represent some of my favorite beautiful magazines.  She asked me if I would like to have my Cape Cod Hydrangea Outdoor pillow shown in Victoria Magazine.

Well today I am doing the happy dance.

A beautiful article called Inspirations of Sea and Sky includes the words:

"Soothing tones offer sublime relaxation in this quiet corner, 
where watercolor hydrangeas adorn a cushion cover 
from French Script."

They shared my Cape Cod Hydrangea pillow in a lovely outdoor setting on page 17. I would like to sit there myself.

When I was contacted a few months back that my pillow would be featured, I was thrilled.

Then when I recently found out that it is a RETURN to FRANCE, a special French issue, I thought how perfect is that?  FrenchScript on Etsy and combining my Cape Cod Hydrangea artwork!

Victoria magazine has always been one of my favorite magazines.  I have stacks of saved issues back in Massachusetts and here in North Carolina.  They are my inspiration.

Now thanks to Hoffman Media and Victoria Magazine, I have a lovely keepsake issue.

French Script has a home inside the pages of Victoria Magazine's RETURN TO FRANCE.

Thank you!

Featured in Artful Blogging Magazine Summer 2008.
My Secret Garden artwork was featured in an article in Artful Blogging Magazine about a weekly blogging event called Pink Saturday.
Another article in Artful Blogging Magazine featured some French inspired work for an article about Marie De Fete, an event hosted by Gabriella Delworth.

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