I have always enjoyed painting, and designing. When I was able to marry my love of watercolor painting, with my skills using my digital paintbox I was able to create beautiful products for my customers.

I begin with an idea for a painting, I usually photograph my inspiration.

After I upload the sketch or sketches  into my computer and use several different types of software to create a fabric design.

Then I can create fabric, pillows and many other products with the designs.

Incorporating French script inspiration into my designs

 is a real love of mine, and this is how I came to name my shop French Script.

I have over one thousand designs of fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap in my library.

Each fabric order is printed on demand, allowing me to provide my customers with the ability to have a custom order designed just for them. 

 Spoonflower Fabric prints my designs here in America in Durham, North Carolina. The fabric choices that they provide have grown over the years, and offer my customers many different options. The end result is beautifully printed fabrics that I feel proud to offer customers.  

Check out the Etsy Blog for a tour of Spoonflower to see how your fabric will be printed, https://blog.etsy.com/en/2013/spoonflower-tour/

Throw pillows are another favorite thing I love to design. I also work with Society6, who print my pillows, totes and other products. They pride themselves on producing products here in America. The quality of their products is exactly what I want to provide for my customers. 

My Totes are not only pretty, but they are so strong. They are available in three different sizes. I use them all the time, if I have to carry something I want my tote to be pretty.  

Rugs are another addition to my many designs and offer a wonderful opportunity to design fun interiors.

Of course there aren’t enough hours in the day to create all the designs that I would love to do. However, it is my joy to keep trying. Thank you for stopping by today.

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